26 Years in Business

This week marks our 26th Year in business!

A flashback to some of our projects in the earlier days….

Post- Liverpool

 Liverpool Bulk Terminal 

Interesting Fact: At the time of it’s construction, it was one of the largest infrastructure projects to be undertaken in the North West and one built could accommodate vessels discharging 50,000 tonnes at a time.

Post- Derby

Toyota Car Plant, Derby

Interesting Fact: 16th December 1992 was the day the first Carina E drove off the production line at Toyota Manufacturing UK. On that day, only 4 cars were built. Since almost 4.2 million more have been built at the site.

Post- Trafford Centre

The Trafford Centre, Manchester 

Interesting Fact: Built in 1998, the shopping centre contains 3.5miles of brass. And, if you laid the London Eye on its side it would easily fit inside the area covered by the centre 11 times.