Gherkin ImageMcDonalds OlympicsProviding pragmatic, Client focused professional services, Spring and Company are committed both as an employer and as a provider of services to businesses and organisations.

We are an equal opportunities employer, fully committed to delivering the highest quality service with integrity, keen to promote a  health and safety culture and actively encourage sustainability and the environment throughout our business.

To demonstrate our commitment to this ethos, we have policies which we review and update regularly to ensure that they are current with regards to legislation and trends within the industry. Our policy documents are availible on request.

Our Mission

  • We achieve successful relationships through outstanding performance with total emphasis on bettering the Clients expectations.
  • Such performance is achieved by continuous improvement, adopting the qualities of innovation, leadership, discipline, listening and understanding and by being thorough and attentive with clarity and simplicity.
  • We deliver projects with energy, enthusiasm and commitment in a positive and trustworthy manner.
  • Spring and Company aim to achieve long-term relationships resulting in the sustained development and success of the business.

Our Philosophy

  • From our experience, we believe high caliber management ensures project success. This along with a high level of construction expertise and experience makes the difference.
  • The use of high quality managers allows all other parties to concentrate on their specialist skills.
  • As leader of the project team, we strive to obtain the best performance from all parties.
  • All of our clients have been impressed with our level of contribution and they consider this to be a major factor in the success of their projects.

Our Objectives

  • We aim to deliver an excellent personal service, via a pragmatic and pro active management style and make a positive contribution to the success of projects.
  • We aim to continually improve, leading to better performance and increased competitiveness.
  • We aim to establish long term relationships that provide tangible benefits to all parties.
  • We aim to exceed our customer’s expectations and ensure that our number one priority of customer satisfaction is always achieved.


Spring and Company are members of the following Associations and National Bodies: